Conscious Capitalism

Los Angeles Chapter NationBuilder Website

Actively involved in the Conscious Capitalism movement, VidroMedia was thrilled to have the opportunity to sponsor the design and buildout of the Conscious Capitalism’s Los Angeles chapter website. CCLA initially wanted something beautiful and quick, a simple cms website. However, we saw that this thriving organization would soon need something that could really help them streamline processes and build their membership.

We knew that the NationBuilder platform would allow CCLA to not only have a well designed site (thanks to customization on our end) but more importantly, it was a single solution to handle all the crucial online features this thriving organization would need. Certified as NationBuilder Architects, the VidroMedia team was able to solve many of CCLA’s future concerns such as having an online platform for volunteers, managing events, accepting donations and more.

ccla desktop
ccla mobile